SOS - Student Ombuds Service

CofL-logo-4-2Student Ombuds Service (SOS)

The critical Student Ombuds Services (SOS) is Bethune College's  academic student organization that provides free peer academic support services to York students. In their website ( they describe that the SOS provides a broad range of services, some targeted at incoming first year students and that they understand how difficult the transition to university can be and they are there to help. They also state "SOS plays a crucial role in the transitional process of students of any year. The SOS particularly caters for the special needs of first year students coming out of high school, who need guidance in getting to know the university from an academic point of view." SOS plays an absolutely crucial part of a science student's life at York University.

Bethune College

The Bethune College website ( describes that "every undergraduate is assigned to a college when they enter York based on either their program of study or the residence that they live in. Norman Bethune College is associated with the Faculty of Science and Lassonde School of Engineering. Students in these faculties, and those that are in the Bethune Residence are automatically members of the college."