Pisana, Simone

Simone Pisana

Associate Professor
Ph.D. (Cambridge)

Department(s): Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Office: 1012H Lassonde Building (LAS)
Phone: (416)736-2100 ext. 77885

Lab: 330 Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence (BRG)

Research Fields
Chemical and Condensed Matter Physics

Graduate Program Appointment
Full Member: Eligible to supervise M.Sc. or Ph.D.

Research Types

Research specialization
Nanostructured materials and devices; Nanoscale carbons; Magnetism and magnetic materials; Magnetic recording; Heat transport; Pump-probe techniques.

My research is devoted to heat and electron transport in nanoscale devices, interfaces, materials, and composites, with the aim of improving dissipation and energy efficiency of electronic devices. I am also interested in spectroscopy and optical pump-probe techniques for the characterization of materials and magnetization dynamics near phase transitions. I have experience studying the electronic properties of amorphous semiconductors and novel nanostructured materials such as carbon nanotubes, semiconducting nanowires, and graphene. I have also worked on nanoscale magnetic field sensing devices and energy-assisted magnetic recording technologies.