Orchard, Gloria

Gloria Orchard

Ph.D. (McMaster)

Department(s): Physics and Astronomy

Office: 122 Petrie Science & Engineering Building (PSE)
Phone: (416)736-2100 ext. 20881

Research Fields
Biological Physics

Research Types

Research specialization
Experimental microdosimetry; Radiation detector development; Effects of radiation on biological tissues.

My main research interests are in experimental microdosimetry and radiation detector development. Microdosimetry is the study of the stochastic distributions of energy deposition by ionizing radiation in microscopic tissue volumes, and experimental microdosimetry is the development of techniques used to measure these energy deposition distributions. The main tool in experimental microdosimetry is the Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter (TEPC) which can simulate tissue sites with dimensions equivalent to cells or sub-cellular structures such as nuclei or chromosome domains. From these type of measurements information on the biological damage to tissue from different types of ionizing radiations (e.g., alphas, neutrons, gamma-rays) can be quantified. Microdosimetry has applications in radiation biology, radiotherapy and radiation protection. Detectors for radiation measurement and experimental microdosimetry are constantly under development to meet the challenging radiation environments of nuclear power plants, advanced radiation therapies, imaging technologies, aviation and space exploration as well as high energy particle accelerators.