Leung, Siu Ning

Siu Ning Leung

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Toronto)

Department(s): Mechanical Engineering

Office: 433A Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence (BRG)
Phone: (416)736-2100 ext. 31325

Lab: 415 Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence (BRG)

Research Fields
Chemical and Condensed Matter Physics, Planetary Physics

Graduate Program Appointment
Full Member: Eligible to supervise M.Sc. or Ph.D.

Research Types
Computational, Experimental

Research specialization
Micro- and nano-structuring of polymer material systems; Bio-based and smart multifunctional materials; Advanced thermal management materials.

My research is focussed on micro- and nano-structuring of polymer material systems, with the emphasis on tailoring and optimizing their multifunctional properties for a wide spectrum of applications (e.g., energy storage and harvesting, sensing and actuation, biomedical devices, thermal management, and environmentally benign packaging). This highly interdisciplinary research area requires integrating the principles and techniques of advanced manufacturing, materials science, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and rheological sciences.