Kumarakrishnan, Anantharaman

Anantharaman Kumarakrishnan

Full Professor
Ph.D. (Idaho)

Department(s): Physics and Astronomy

Office: 252 Petrie Science & Engineering Building (PSE)
Phone: (416)736-2100 ext. 77755

Lab: 107 Petrie Science & Engineering Building (PSE)
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext: 20392

Research Fields
Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

Graduate Program Appointment
Full Member: Eligible to supervise M.Sc. or Ph.D.

Research Types

Research specialization
Wave nature of atoms, especially coherent transient phenomena; Laser cooling and trapping of neutral atoms; Atom interferometry; High-precision measurements of atomic properties; Gravimetry; Laser-based instrumentation.

My research involves studies of coherent transient phenomena in atomic samples such as laser-cooled atoms. Some of this work involves precision measurements using atom interferometry. Applications of this work are related to the development of portable instrumentation. As examples, my students and I have engaged in precision measurements of the atomic recoil frequency, atom interferometric measurements of gravitational acceleration, precise measurements of atomic g factor ratios, numerical simulations of matter wave interference, studies of superfluorescence, measurements of atomic lifetimes and natural line widths, and the development of auto-locked single mode lasers.