Past Colloquia

Past Colloquia

Fall 2015

Date  Speaker  Title
Sept 22 Dr. Colin Morningstar
Carnegie Mellon University
Excited Hadron Resonances and Scattering Phase Shifts in Lattice QCD
Sept 29 Peter Mascher
McMaster University
Visible Light Emission from Silicon-based Thin Film Nanostructures
Oct 6 Stefania Gori
Perimeter Institute & University of Cincinnati
The Higgs as a Portal to New Physics
Oct 20 Sun Kwok
University of Hong Kong
Synthesis of Complex Organics in the Late Stages of Stellar Evolution
Oct 27 Jo Bovy
University of Toronto 
What Drives the Evolution of the Milky Way’s Disk?
Nov 17 Craig Simmons
University of Toronto
Biophysical insights into the mechanisms of heart valve disease
Nov 24 Sabine Stanley
University of Toronto

Winter 2015     *Exception held on Wednesday 3:00pm

Date  Speaker  Title
Feb 17 David Morrissey
Matter over Antimatter and the Higgs Boson
March 3 Daniel Green
Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
Uncovering the Nature of Inflation
March 17 Marshall McCall
York University
Structure in the Near Universe and its Relevance to Your Life
March 24 Dr. Amar Vutha
York University
The Proton Radius Puzzle, and What We Are Doing About It
March 31 Pierre Savard
University of Toronto
The Higgs Boson 3 Years after the Discovery
April 15 Giller Gerbier*
Queen's University
Sharpening Tools for Direct Detection of Low Mass WIMPs at SNOLAB

Fall 2014

Date  Speaker
September 9 Dr. Jeff Wagg
SKA Telescope
Square Kilometre Array
The Square Kilometre Array
September 23 Dr. Marko Horbatsch
York University
High harmonic generation and multi-photon ionization of atomic hydrogen in intense laser fields: a computational perspective
October 7 Dr. David Patterson
Harvard University
Detection of chiral molecules via phase-sensitive microwave spectroscopy
October 14 Dr. Scott Menary
York University
Would an Anti-apple Fall Up? Tests of the Gravitational Interaction between Matter and Antimatter
October 28 Dr. Tom Kirchner
York University
A theoretical analysis of recent ion-lithium collision experiments: single-active-electron, independent-electron and, perhaps, correlated dynamics
November 4 Dr. Stephen Godfrey
Carleton University
Exotic Hadrons: What's New in Old Spectroscopy?
November 11 Dr. Kristine Spekkens
Royal Military College of Canada
Cold Dark Matter and the Interstellar Medium of Nearby Dwarf Galaxies
November 17* Dr. Maxim Pospelov
University of Victoria and
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
The Universe as a passive detector
November 25 Dr. Shohini Ghose
Wilfred Laurier University
Quantum Signatures of Chaos
December 2 Dr. Slavek Rucinski
University of Toronto
BRITE: BRIte Target Explorer

Winter 2014

Date  Speaker
February 28 Dr. Sera Cremonini
Cambridge University and Texas A & M University
Applied String Theory
March 3 Dr. Sean Tulin
University of Michigan
Searching for Dark Matter, from Colliders to the Cosmos
March 6 Dr. Yue Zhang
California Institute of Technology
Impacts of a CP Violating Higgs: from Laboratories to Cosmos
March 10 Dr. Piyush Kumar
Yale University
Unraveling the many mysteries of Mass-Energy
March 13 Dr. Brian Batell
University of Chicago
The Standard Model vs. New Physics
March 31 Mr. Jeremy Sakstein
University of Cambridge and Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Astrophysical Tests of Gravity

Fall 2013

 Date  Speaker
September 9 Dr. Hirohisa Tanaka
University of British Columbia
The Era of Three Generations: Possible hints from neutrinos in elucidating the matter/antimatter asymmetry of the Universe
September 16 Dr. Joel Primack
University of California, Santa Cruz
Supercomputing the Universe
September 23 Dr. Arun Paramekanti
University of Toronto
Using ultracold atoms to explore condensed
matter high energy physics
September 30 Dr. Laura Parker
McMaster University
Mapping Dark Matter with Weak Lensing
October 21 Dr. Richard Hill
University of Chicago
Standard Model Anatomy of Dark Matter Detection
October 28 Dr. Kurt Hinterbichler
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Massive gravitons, the cosmological constant and new directions in gravity
November 4 Dr. Luis Lehner
University of Guelph and Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Gravitational and (possible) electromagnetic signals from compact binaries 
November 11 Dr. Arthur McDonald
Queen's University
Neutrino and Dark Matter Measurements at SNOLAB
November 18 Dr. Patrick Hayden
Stanford University
Where and When Can a Qubit Be?
November 25 Undergraduate Students
York University
Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference (CUPC) Presentations
December 2 Dr. Jens Dilling
Understanding the universe, one rare isotope at a time